All The Pixels

The PC I'm using to develop World's End isn't capable of running 4K or other ultra-high-definition resolutions, so I've been gradually guessing and checking my way to "high density" support when I get access to better machines. After getting the algebra wrong an embarassing amount of times, we're now properly reacting to the extra scale factor property unique to HDPI displays.

4K is 24 World's Ends worth of pixels:

(Ivan with 10X stats for testing purposes)

The 4K display I finally got things work on reported itself as having 1280x720 resolution with a 300% interface scale. So, when my math was wrong it was off by a factor of three and quite hillarious.

Obstacles correctly sized, but low-resolution. Characters and layers too small:

Obstacles and characters high-resolution, but too large:

Characters correctly sized, obstacles too large and layers too small:

Everything correctly sized, but layers low-resolution:

Just right:

— Crack

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