2019.May.02World's End: Languages

A look at the Voro and Khiendai writing systems. Read more

2019.Apr.26History of World's End, Part 16

At long last, Chapter 1 is released. Read more

2019.Apr.05History of World's End, Part 15

Cementing the music of World's End. Read more

2019.Mar.01History of World's End, Part 14

Something strongly resembling a game! Read more

2019.Feb.14History of World's End, Part 13

The gameplay system approaches its final form. Read more

2019.Feb.01History of World's End, Part 12

One final round of substantial plot changes. Read more

2019.Jan.18History of World's End, Part 11

The shape of menus to come. Read more

2019.Jan.11History of World's End, Part 10

A step in the direction of refinement. Read more

2019.Jan.05History of World's End, Part 9

Our initial attempts at original artwork. Read more

2018.Dec.21History of World's End, Part 8

The now familar game elements begin to take shape. Read more