2019.Jan.18History of World's End, Part 11

The shape of menus to come. Read more

2019.Jan.11History of World's End, Part 10

A step in the direction of refinement. Read more

2019.Jan.05History of World's End, Part 9

Our initial attempts at original artwork. Read more

2018.Dec.21History of World's End, Part 8

The now familar game elements begin to take shape. Read more

2018.Dec.14History of World's End, Part 7

On the transition from the traditional RPG genre. Read more

2018.Dec.07World's End: Tactics

Why we chose the tactical RPG genre for World's End. Read more

2018.Nov.16History of World's End, Part 6

Revealing the earliest character art in the series. Read more

2018.Nov.09History of World's End, Part 5

A glimpse at the Vaclav Brothers' RPG Maker adventure. Read more

2018.Nov.02History of World's End, Part 4

The origins of Ivan and Ysabel. Read more

2018.Oct.26History of World's End, Part 3

The emergence of the nations and mythology of the Valelands. Read more