2021.Aug.27World's End Story Mode Downloads

In light of Flash being utterly dead on web browsers, we're releasing downloadable versions of the cutscene-only Story Mode for Chapters 1 through 3. Read more

2021.Jul.09Elevators, Pipes and Other Nonsense

Returning to the slums for some retouching. Read more

2020.Oct.16Working with Light

Improving our artwork with lighting techniques. Read more

2020.Sep.25Working with Color

Banding, dithering, depth and more. Read more

2020.Aug.21Hardware Acceleration

Updating our game engine to run full-screen. Read more

2020.Jun.05Flash and the Future of World's End

The Flash plugin is being discontinued. Read more

2019.May.02World's End: Languages

A look at the Voro and Khiendai writing systems. Read more

2019.Apr.26History of World's End, Part 16

At long last, Chapter 1 is released. Read more

2019.Apr.05History of World's End, Part 15

Cementing the music of World's End. Read more

2019.Mar.01History of World's End, Part 14

Something strongly resembling a game! Read more