2017.May.18 - World's End Chapter 3 Announcement

Will Tevoran and Company find fortune as they plunge deeper into foreign political strife? Promo art posted at DeviantArt.

2016.Jun.11 - World's End Chapter 1 & 2 Story Mode

Watch your favorite cutscenes, now with more corpses!
Chapter 1 Chapter 2

2015.Dec.30 - Desolation (VRC6)

New FamiTracker arrangement of "Desolation" released!

2015.Oct.09 - World's End Chapter 3 on Patreon

Support our development of World's End Chapter 3 and more free games and music on Patreon.

2015.Sep.21 - World's End Chapter 2 Soundtrack Released

Our 8-bit inspired soundtrack is now available for your downloading pleasure. Higher-quality FLAC versions are also available for free at Bandcamp. We've updated our torrent as well.