2023.Jan.13Thank You for Your Support

Greetings to our ever-patient fans! Our efforts are nearing culmination. Art revision and game engine refinements continue, and though they haven't proceeded quite as quickly as we'd initially hoped, we trust that our work will justify the wait. Read more

2022.Oct.03All The Screens

Phone-sized screens, in-game screens and other refinements. Read more

2022.Apr.15World's End Updates

We're currently focused on playtesting, continued dialogue drafts, and smashing down any bugs that crop up. Advancing ever closer to our goal, we will persist in bringing World's End to its glorious conclusion!

2022.Jan.27A New Year

May this new year shine brightly upon our endeavors. Our resolution is to release World's End at some point in 2022, in some form or another!

2022.Jan.19All The Frames

Adding support for high frame rates. Read more

2021.Oct.01All The Pixels

Adding support for ultra-high-definition displays. Read more

2021.Aug.27World's End Story Mode Downloads

In light of Flash being utterly dead on web browsers, we're releasing downloadable versions of the cutscene-only Story Mode for Chapters 1 through 3. Read more

2021.Jul.09Elevators, Pipes and Other Nonsense

Returning to the slums for some retouching. Read more

2020.Oct.16Working with Light

Improving our artwork with lighting techniques. Read more

2020.Sep.25Working with Color

Banding, dithering, depth and more. Read more