2018.Nov.16History of World's End, Part 6

Revealing the earliest character art in the series.

2018.Nov.09History of World's End, Part 5

A glimpse at the Vaclav Brothers' RPG Maker adventure.

2018.Nov.02History of World's End, Part 4

The origins of Ivan and Ysabel.

2018.Oct.26History of World's End, Part 3

The emergence of the nations and mythology of the Valelands.

2018.Oct.19History of World's End, Part 2

The story begins to evolve from its generic RPG roots.

2018.Oct.12History of World's End, Part 1

An exploration of the humble origins of our strategy RPG series.

2018.Aug.24World's End Chapter 3 Soundtrack

The latest Mezzanine Stairs album is now available for downloading and streaming here as well as at Bandcamp and SoundCloud. Our torrent has been updated as well.

2018.Jan.21World's End Story Mode

Watch your favorite scenes: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

2017.Dec.15Play World's End Chapter 3

Play Chapter 3 here on Newgrounds, Kongregate, Armor Games and Game Jolt.

2015.Oct.09World's End Chapter 3 on Patreon

Support our development of World's End Chapter 3 and more free games and music on Patreon.

2015.Sep.21World's End Chapter 2 Soundtrack Released

Our 8-bit inspired soundtrack is now available for your downloading pleasure. Higher-quality FLAC versions are also available for free at Bandcamp. We've updated our torrent as well.

2015.Jul.15World's End Chapter 2 Released

Play World's End Chapter 2 on Newgrounds and Kongregate.

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2015.Jul.08World's End Chapter 1 Re-released

Get a preview of new game features from World's End Chapter 2 in the just released update to Chapter 1.

2015.Jun.26Press Kit

A preview of new features, screenshots and press kit for World's End Chapter 2 now available.

2015.Jun.16World's End Chapter 2 Promotional Art

Class and refinement is unceremoniously thrust upon Tevoran and Company.

2015.May.29World's End Music Demo

Here's a retrospective on the music engine used in World's End while we compose the soundtrack to Chapter 2.

Shout out to Christian Corti, Photonstorm and Flod for liberating our game music from the horror of lossy compression.

2015.May.18World's End Chapter 2 Release Date Announcement

Glorious jailbreak is imminent! World's End Chapter 2 arrives on July 15th.

2015.Apr.12Title Screen Preview from World's End Chapter 2

Will Tevoran and Company soon escape their unjust imprisonment and resume their dubious quest? Visit DeviantArt to view our latest artwork!

2015.Feb.27World's End Chapter 2 Loading Screen

World's End Chapter 2 coming soon! Latest art posted at DeviantArt.

2014.Nov.19Masori City Battle Map

The City of Masori is ripe for looting in World's End Chapter 2. See our latest map at DeviantArt.

2014.Aug.27World's End Chapter 1 Video Playthrough

No shopping? No consumables? No problem! Check out this video playthrough of Chapter 1 by jaffer duo.

2014.Aug.12World's End Chapter 2 Update

We're making progress on playtesting World's End Chapter 2. Back to the grindstone for now!

2014.Mar.18What Were a Boss

Released a remix of Laszlo from the World's End Chapter 1 Soundtrack. Listen to it here and at Soundcloud.

2014.Mar.11Sewer Passage

See more of the sewer from World's End Chapter 2 at DeviantArt.

2014.Mar.03Infiltration (MT-500)

Here's the original Casiotone version of Infiltration from the World's End Chapter 1 Soundtrack. Listen to it here or at Soundcloud.