Troubleshooting Saving

World’s End uses the Flash plugin’s standard means of storing local information on your computer to save games.

Continuing From Previous Chapters

With the exception of continuing from Chapter 1 on Kongregate, existing complete game saves automatically appear in the new game menu in subsequent chapters. If this isn’t working for any reason please use the manual backup described below.

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Saving Nonfunctional

If saving does not work automatically, please ensure that:

  1. Automatic browser cache clearing isn’t deleting local shared objects (Flash cookies)
  2. Flash isn’t blocked from creating local shared objects in the global storage settings
  3. The site hasn’t been blacklisted in the website storage settings

Manual Backup

If all else fails, the “Save to File” and “Load from File” options in the main menu can be used to manually backup and restore saves.

Deleted File Retrieval

To search backups for World’s End created saves, look for files named “worlds-end-ch1.sol”, “worlds-end-ch2.sol” or “worlds-end-ch3.sol”.

To restore a backed up .sol file, start a new game (in the chapter in question) and play the game until the first auto-save to generate a new save file. The .sol files are Flash’s storage format and their location is system-dependent, so it can be simplest to just search your entire computer. Then replace the new .sol file with your backup.

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