Thank You for Your Support

Greetings to our ever-patient fans! Our efforts are nearing culmination. Art revision and game engine refinements continue, and though they haven't proceeded quite as quickly as we'd initially hoped, we trust that our work will justify the wait.

We'd like to extend particular gratitude to those who have financially supported us over the years. Our ongoing work on World's End would not be possible without your continued backing and encouragement!

We haven't heard from some supporters in the "Special Thanks" tier, and since it has been such an eternity we would like to extend representation to everyone who has persevered with us. Please find yourselves on our current list, or let us know how you'd like to be represented in the upcoming free-to-play Episode 1 demo:

Thanks again to all of you! As for us, we are committed to seeing this project through to its triumphant realization, and look eagerly forward to unleashing our creation upon you! In the meantime, enjoy some newly refined artwork.

— Crack & Complacent

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Thank you for your support!